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Going out opposite our customers requirements, we created the internet service which we hope especially he will bring more closer you the offer of one from the activity splendid products are which from the acrylic materials  which you can purchase in our company. The wide and unique scale of articles gives unrestricted possibilities in creates these only, original things, which by the many summers will gladd your eyes. The use of acryl is the applied the most often way with the glass in panels, protections, glassing, bindings, scenography, decorations, ...etc

We invite you to the introduction with our current offer warmly !!


    Elegance and the beauty of feathers and ball pens made from acril gives us, that they can be used perfectly as present, gift. The proprieties of acril are useful splendid appearance, attractiveness and also modernity, that pleasant becomes writing in the house, prepares notes, doing the office work. Promotive feathers are the perfect way to creating the picture of every enterprise. Can be created also any logo with your name..


    Clips made from acril become the novelty on the market. Cold metallic silver and gold replace the elegant appearance multicolour material according of the artificial glass. This is used in articles for Women in bags, beauticians, briefcases and belts. For sure it will be nice for the eye addition in every product, makeing him exceptional, unique, original and modern..


    Decorations made from the glass similiar material show new possibilities creating varied, fantastic objects. They can be the letters that will consisting on you advertising password, the elements of lighting, the interior decorations, the elements of office objects, exhibition stands etc... . There can be only really small thing which one with his elegance will gladd our eyes ..


    The basic is the raw material with which one we will produce interested in us product. There will not suffice any more, if something is black or white, if this is the mosaic, if there are the colours of the rainbow. We need to have something what will show us new direction, shape, what will already be original in appearance and realization itself. We will get effect using acril in the basic figure as plates. They come true in the mechanical processing perfectly: mills, engraving, cut and termoformowaniu. What we will create - depends only on our imagination.